Many people have referred, in the past few months, to your [research report]. Something of a benchmark, I think.

Leading data provider

Your firm is publishing some outstanding reports, and your analysts provide the kind of knowledge that's useful in actionable decisions—a hard find in the analyst world.

Analyst relations manager for a major payment processor

I am certain I will enjoy the report—I like your stuff—it is always very well done.

Leading technology provider

[We think] very highly about the quality of your research, the thoughtfulness of your analysts, and the attentiveness you give. I cannot say enough good things about [lead security analyst].

Leading security technology vendor

[Aite Group] presents their research in a straightforward, actionable manner.

Leading financial technology provider

Outstanding call held today! It was just right level of depth, engagement, new information building on known. We really appreciate you pulling this together and feel this was a great learning session for us!

Head of global market intelligence

As always, you and your team help us out in so many ways!

Leading payment processor

You’ve done a better job of segmenting bank strategies than any other research I’ve seen recently.

Product manager for a top five U.S. bank

We really value our relationship with Aite Group. They provide us with data we could not otherwise access.

Top 10 retailer

Our CEO and a number of our executive members said today this is the best document they have seen on EMV. They were thrilled. 

Leading multinational financial services corporation

I am impressed by your report on trade finance. It is remarkably error-free and accurate.

Product manager of treasury services for a top five U.S. bank