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I happened across your just-released Impact Note [on core banking]. This is outstanding! ... Beyond the fact that we agree with you, your focus on two factors (among others) is really unique in the research world.

Senior researcher for a major core processor

Your group, quite frankly, has been the best we've ever worked with.

Product strategy executive

Your group has been very helpful in the past few days preparing and verifying statistics for our upcoming investor calls. Thank you.

Senior researcher for a major card processor

Our level of participation is a direct result of the impact Aite Group is making in the industry—everyone reads Aite reports (the reports are frequent, relevant, and have great information), and they are eager to interact with Aite analysts. You guys are doing a great job!

Leading technology vendor

The report we got was very thorough and exactly what we were looking for in the area of loan underwriting and origination.

Top five U.S. bank

Your firm is publishing some outstanding reports, and your analysts provide the kind of knowledge that's useful in actionable decisions—a hard find in the analyst world.

Analyst relations manager for a major payment processor

As always, your team pulls together exceptional information.

Leading payment processor

We love your research!

Leading banking software vendor

We have been very impressed by Aite Group’s research.

Leading prepaid card marketer

I am impressed by your report on trade finance. It is remarkably error-free and accurate.

Product manager of treasury services for a top five U.S. bank

We are all delighted with your insight and findings.

Leading global provider of outsourcing solutions