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An estimate from Aite is, we feel, as good as we can find in the industry. We have come to respect your professional opinions.

Top 10 credit card issuer

[Your analyst] has been very helpful in answering all my silly questions.

Senior researcher for a major money transmitter

I just downloaded your most recent report ... I found it very useful, as I am sure my colleagues will.

Leading financial technology services provider

Outstanding call held today! It was just right level of depth, engagement, new information building on known. We really appreciate you pulling this together and feel this was a great learning session for us!

Head of global market intelligence

We are all delighted with your insight and findings.

Leading global provider of outsourcing solutions

We’re just delighted to have finally joined Aite. The value of your research was key in the decision.  

Service Model Manager, third-party insurance administrative services provider

[Your insight] is exactly what I needed! ... I can always rely on you!

Leading core banking vendor

Thanks for the additional color. The commentary from Aite has always been exceptional and insightful. More importantly, the timeliness of your responses ... is a positive attribute.

Research analyst for a major card processor

We have really appreciated our relationship with Aite Group, and we are really impressed by your research. In particular, we have been very impressed by the breadth of the profitability analytics report.

Business development executive for a major core processor

I don't think we've expressed this enough—this [retail banking impact report] is clearly much more actionable and valuable than anything out in the marketplace today.

Payments provider

[We have a] company policy against endorsements. It is unfortunate, because I could easily make comments about your wonderful service to my team. Everyone does a great job for my colleagues!

Head of research for a major processor