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Your group, quite frankly, has been the best we've ever worked with.

Product strategy executive

Thank you so much for the presentation—you really did a wonderful job! ... It was great that you provided Aite Group data with forecasts, information on companies/technologies that may not be on the radar, as well as your insights on the areas covered. I think your presentation is about the best we've had so far.

Leading card network

Of all the analysts [we] work with, [yours] really make an effort to understand our business and scratch beyond the surface to provide more in-depth information in our space.

Leading IT solutions provider

We love your research!

Leading banking software vendor

[Your analyst] has been very helpful in answering all my silly questions.

Senior researcher for a major money transmitter

The report we got was very thorough and exactly what we were looking for in the area of loan underwriting and origination.

Top five U.S. bank

As always, your team pulls together exceptional information.

Leading payment processor

I happened across your just-released Impact Note [on core banking]. This is outstanding! ... Beyond the fact that we agree with you, your focus on two factors (among others) is really unique in the research world.

Senior researcher for a major core processor

[Your insight] is exactly what I needed! ... I can always rely on you!

Leading core banking vendor

I just wanted to compliment you on your report, European Equities Clearing: The More You Clear, the More You Save. Excellent job—riveting.

Leading investment bank

Our CEO and a number of our executive members said today this is the best document they have seen on EMV. They were thrilled. 

Leading multinational financial services corporation