Why Aite Group?

Why have leading financial institutions, savvy technology vendors, consulting powerhouses, and private equity firms come to rely on Aite Group's research?

Aite Group provides clients with:

  • Access to a pool of 40+ analysts with decades of domain expertise and an incredible industry network. For a flat, annual fee, clients gain unlimited access to our experts.

  • A rich research library of high-quality industry reports and their underlying data.

  • Stellar service from seasoned analysts. Aite Group analysts respond promptly to inquiries in a matter of hours—not days or weeks. Need a data point? Have tactical questions? Need strategic guidance? Our analysts are committed to assisting quickly, on a best-effort basis.

  • Ability to help steer the agenda. Subscribers are encouraged to share their research needs, helping to shape our dynamic research agenda (and to save their consulting dollars).

  • Mix of qualitative and quantitative research. We employ subject-matter and data experts to create syndicated research and meet custom needs.

"[Your analyst] has been very helpful in answering all my silly questions."
Senior researcher for a major money transmitter


If you have a question specific to your industry, talk with an Aite Group analyst.  Call us today to learn about the benefits of becoming a client.

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