Why become a payfac? A look at the future of the acquiring industry

Whether you represent an ISO considering sub-merchant accounts; you are a merchant seeking help with payment processing; or a technology provider seeking new markets, we'll have answers for how the payment facilitator model can work for or against you.

Register today and join the panel of experts for a lively discussion examining payment facilitators and their roles, and what the future holds for these payfacs.

Key points of the discussion:

  • Some common misconceptions regarding the payfac model
  • Are there any legal stumbling blocks?
  • Can the payfac model continue to grow, or are bigger providers going to steal that show?
  • Does a traditional merchant acquirer fit in?
  • Will payments technology advancements hinder or enhance the model
  • What is on the horizon that could alter our view of the payfac model?



November 13, 2019
Wednesday, November 13, 2019 | 2 p.m. ET

Thad Peterson is a senior analyst with Aite Group, focusing on the evolution of the payment space, the customer payment experience, and merchant acquiring.