Productization of Payments Analytics

Productization of Payments Analytics

Banks are sitting on a treasure trove of payment data that can and should be turned into products or services for their business customers. Today’s tools have the ability to pull this data together and analyze it to find the meaningful, actionable information that clients would be willing to buy, and they also make investments in this space viable.

Payment-analytics-based products and services would provide many benefits to clients, including:

  • Improve payables’ operational efficiencies
  • Optimize working capital management
  • Increase control and accuracy as well as risk reduction
  • Identify key performance indicators, such as top suppliers, currencies, countries, and inquiry types 

View senior analyst Linda Coven's webinar to learn how banks are planning to analyze their payment data to provide their clients with useful, actionable information. 

Please note, this webinar is open to all current Aite Group clients only.

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