Locational Data: Helping Carriers Make Better Decisions With More Precision

As consumers become more used to customized products or services, it’s natural for them to want the same when it comes to P&C insurance. For example, consumers are asking themselves why carriers cannot price a risk for what it actually is as opposed to pricing an individual risk against a general risk pool. Locational data can help carriers see physical risks (e.g., flood and wildfire risks), nonphysical risks (e.g., crime and foreclosure risks a property’s attributes (e.g., roof composition and building height), and areas where events have occurred (e.g., vehicle accident clusters and weather events).  

Register today and join Aite Group senior analyst Jay Sarzen for a live one-hour webinar as he discusses the various types of locational data that are available to carriers, why they should be using locational data to enhance their operations, and where along the P&C insurance value chain locational data can help them.

Key discussion points will include:

  • How locational data can help carriers to make decisions across their value chains with greater specificity
  • Which physical and nonphysical risks are captured through locational data
  • The operational areas in which carriers will generally find the greatest number of use cases   
March 12, 2020
Thursday, March 12, 2020 | 11 a.m. ET

Jay Sarzen is a senior analyst with Aite Group’s P&C Insurance practice. He brings to Aite Group over 15 years of experience delivering strategic advice to a wide variety of clients, primarily in financial services.