Key Trends and Insights on Merchant Payments 2019/2020 - SCA: How to Minimize Conversion Risk

The digitization of global commerce continues to drive merchant demand for payment innovation to deliver superior customer experiences.

MPE 2019 discussed how acquirers and PSPs should prepare for the next generation of payment solutions, with cross-industry collaboration and partnerships as a common theme. Register today for a live webinar with Aite Group senior analyst Ron van Wezel as he covers the latest technologies and trends in merchant payment acceptance, checkout and conversion, fraud and security, and the customer shopping experience. Worldpay senior vice president of payment Strategy Charles Damen will provide a brief on the state of affairs around the implementation of SCA and the solutions that are available to merchants to manage the transition successfully.

MODERATOR AND SPEAKER: Ron van Wezel, Senior Analyst, Aite Group

SPEAKER: Charles Damen, SVP Payment Strategy, Worldpay



August 26, 2019
Monday, August 26, 2019 | 9 a.m. ET

Ron van Wezel is a senior analyst for Aite Group’s Retail Banking & Payments practice. His research covers market and regulatory trends in the payments space, with a focus on Europe.

Mr. van Wezel is a renowned expert in payments and digital banking. He brings to Aite Group 30 years of experience in product development and innovation, advising clients on a wide range of topics including mobile payments, digital wallets, cards issuing and acquiring, and ACH solutions.