How Insurers Can Maximize the Smart-Home Opportunity

The smart home market is undergoing rapid growth creating new opportunities for insurers. As smart home technology becomes more useful, affordable and secure, more consumers will seek to purchase it for greater peace of mind and convenience.  Insurers can capitalize on this growing demand by further encouraging consumers to adopt smart home technology.

Tune in for Gwenn Bézard's webinar to learn about the connected home market and strategies for insurers to take advantage of this opportunity.

Key takeaways include:

  • Discover the opportunity and challenges that await insurers seeking to participate in the smart home market
  • Learn about four distinct smart home strategies adopted by insurers
  • Hear about some of the technology vendors serving the smart home market

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How Insurers Can Maximize the Connected Home Opportunity Preview

March 22, 2016

Co-founder Gwenn Bézard is the head of research and consulting at Aite Group. He oversees the firm’s analyst team across the Banking & Payments, Securities & Investments, Insurance, Fraud & AML, Cybersecurity and Research Design & Data offerings. He is passionate about developing talent within the firm and producing high-quality research that speaks to the practical challenges and opportunities ​faced by financial institutions and the technology vendor community.