Data Analytics: A Catalyst for Growth in Capital Markets


Data management has been a big challenge for capital markets firms for decades, but more stringent regulations and changing client needs are forcing incumbent capital markets firms to look into emerging technologies, including data analytics. Companies that work hard to unlock insights from their data will be able to optimize their business operations and create new revenue streams.

Join Aite Group analyst Gabriel Wang for this live one-hour webinar as he identifies the most recent trends in data analytics based on a recent study of buy-side and sell-side firms. He’ll also provide insights on the opportunities and challenges in current and future data analytics initiatives, as well as analyze the potential benefits of adopting data analytics strategies and technologies within the capital markets community.

Key discussion points:

  • Growing importance of data analytics
  • Drivers and key considerations to adoption
  • Application of data analytics in capital markets
  • Capital markets firms’ data monetization strategies
  • Challenges to implementing data analytics strategies


Clients of Aite Group's Institutional Securities & Investments practice can access the full webinar on-demand by logging into our website.

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Data Analytics: A Catalyst for Growth in Capital Markets

August 27, 2019
Tuesday, August 27, 2019 | 10 a.m. ET