Wedesday, April 28, 2021 | 2:00 p.m. ET

Cost of Check Webinar

For financial institutions and small businesses, the end result of digitally processing payments means a reduction in paper, costs and time without a change to your process. We asked the industry leader, Aite Group, to take a deeper look.

They came back with a study that shows even more benefits. What they found and what we’ll show you is that with digital check processing, you can also:

• Generate top line revenue: The digital solution fits an unmet need in the market. Set the pricing structure that fits your FI strategy (wholesale model).

• Expand your customer base and increase retention: You can utilize a digital payments platform to bring in new opportunities and retain existing customers.

• Provide value to your customer base: Customers are looking for ways to reduce reliance on paper. Liquidity is increasingly more important and the speed of digital payments is necessary.

•Offer a digital payment solution to business customers: The platform provides the ability to make digital payments along with remittance information. It integrates into QuickBooks® and other AP accounting software with no changes needed to existing processes.


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