The Brutality of Commercial Lending and the Promise of Automation

Commercial lending is a brutal business.  Despite generating razor-thin margins, it requires perfection in credit judgment, deal structuring, and supporting operational processes. Even after a loan is closed and funded, many other variables must go EXACTLY right, and the more manual they are, the more costs rise.  

In addition, a confluence of new technology, new competition, and uncertain regulations has redefined what it means to be a lender.

But there’s hope. New technology with advanced digitalization and automation can reinvent the commercial lending landscape and remove the obstacles for growth.

Register today and join Aite Group senior analyst and Wolters Kluwer’s Lien Solutions as they explore the current state of commercial lending, including the threats that make this business so difficult, as well as the opportunities that come to the sector via integration, innovation, and automation.   



February 6, 2020
Thursday, February 6, 2019 | 2 p.m. ET

David O’Connell is a senior analyst with Aite Group’s Wholesale Banking team, where his primary coverage area is lending. A former commercial lender of 14 years, Mr. O’Connell brings to his lending coverage extensive hands-on and granular knowledge of banks’ challenges in building businesses that lend safely, cost-effectively, and at scale. Broadly scoped, Mr.