Upcoming Reports

See below a list of some of our upcoming reports:​

  • U.S. Listed Equity Options Markets: Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?, Audrey Blater, Spencer Mindlin, and Gabriel Wang
  • Branch Transformation: Knocking the Brick Off the Mortar, Tiffani Montez
  • Current and Future FI Fraud Loss Trends: It’s Time for New Technology Investments, Shirley Inscoe
  • Female Financial Advisors in Wealth: A Retrospective, 2013 and 2017, Denise Valentine
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch: Intelligent Receivables Solution, Christine Barry
  • Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions: API Developer and File Testing Portals, Gilles Ubaghs
  • Fraud in Life Insurance: Technology Is the Shield, Samantha Chow 
  • AIM Evaluation: The Leading Providers of U.S. Core Banking Systems, Christine Barry and David Albertazzi 
  • Person-to-Person Payments in the U.S.: The Case for Real Time, Talie Baker
  • Business-to-Consumer Disbursements in the U.S.: Market Overview, Talie Baker
  • Business-to-Consumer Disbursements in the U.S.: The Frictionless Future; Talie Baker 
  • Business-to-Consumer Disbursements in the U.S.: The Small Business Opportunity, Tallie Baker 
  • U.S. and Canadian Funds Disbursements: The Truth About the Customer Experience, Talie Baker and Jamie Regehr 
  • The Impact of Global Trends on the U.S. Payments Market, Ron van Wezel and Thad Peterson
  • PSD2: Advent of the New Payments Market in Europe, Ron van Wezel
  • Secure Remote Commerce and the W3C Payment Initiative: Revolution in Online Retail?, Thad Peterson
  • The Fintech Charter: The Future, or Failure?, Thad Peterson
  • CDD: Top Three Challenges for 2019, Tony Kaus

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