Senior analyst, credit, debit, and prepaid card issuance

As a senior analyst within our Retail Banking practice, you will strive to become a thought leader and trusted advisor to financial institutions, payment firms, and technology vendors. You will focus on providing actionable recommendations to our customers by producing research papers, interacting with clients, and leading consulting engagements.

The ideal candidate brings solid industry expertise (eight to 12 years of experience in retail banking, card issuance, and/or payments at a leading financial institution or payment firm, technology vendor, industry analyst firm, or management consultancy), proficiency in technology and business strategies, proven written and oral communication skills, an ability to formulate original analyses and actionable recommendations, and proven quantitative analysis skills. He or she should be familiar with key card issuance trends, loyalty/reward programs, and payment technologies. Candidates must be fluent in English, and fluency in a second language (such as Korean, Mandarin, or Japanese for Asia-Pacific candidates or Spanish, French, or German for European candidates) is always welcome. A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university is required; an M.B.A. is a plus.

Senior analysts are expected to excel in the following areas:

  • Producing high-quality research reports
  • Providing ongoing support to the financial institutions and technology vendors that subscribe to our research practices
  • Supporting the sales team in expanding our client base for our research and consulting practices
  • Regularly securing speaking engagements at industry and client conferences and events
  • Becoming a source of reference for the trade and top-tier press 

Aite Group believes our success depends on the human and professional qualities of our employees. Aite Group seeks personable individuals who can work independently with minimal supervision and collaborate with a team. We welcome inquiring minds and provocative thinkers who, in addition to closely following their own sector, keep current with domestic and global social, economic, and political trends and issues.

Aite Group is headquartered in Boston, but candidates are not required to live there or relocate for this position. Aite Group expects much from the people it attracts and is committed to offering these individuals a rewarding professional environment. Compensation consists of a base salary along with a performance-based bonus. Aite Group is an equal opportunity employer.

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Since Aite Group's inception, our founders remain committed to running a firm that deeply values its people, rewards loyalty and stellar performance, and is dedicated to giving all staff members opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

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Aite Group is an equal opportunity employer.