Research associate, institutional securities

As a research associate within our Institutional Securities & Investments practice, you will provide ongoing support to analysts and clients. This position is based in Aite Group’s London offices.

The research associate position at Aite Group is an ideal foundation for those looking to forge a career as a research analyst in the financial services industry. As a research associate, you have the opportunity to work closely with Aite Group’s team of industry experts and gain access to their extensive knowledge base, allowing you to develop your understanding of not only the global capital markets but also the practicalities and day-to-day requirements of working for a research advisory firm.

Research associates are required to contribute to Aite Group’s research reports; hence, the ideal candidate should be able to write informatively and engagingly, as well as recall and articulate key findings verbally. The ability to analyze and produce statistical information is also important.

The ideal individual will:

  • Be highly self-motivated, able to independently carry out primary research, and have experience in producing conceptual diagrams and presenting statistical information in a logical format.
  • Have strong time management skills, as research associates are always working on more than one project at a given time.
  • Have enthusiasm for developing new areas of research and responding to market developments.
  • Be sociable and able to build a network of contacts, as research associates are often invited to industry events and conferences.
  • Quantitative analytical skills are a bonus, as are any foreign language skills.

Aite Group believes our success depends on the human and professional qualities of our employees. Aite Group seeks personable individuals who can work independently with minimal supervision and collaborate with a team. We welcome inquiring minds and provocative thinkers who, in addition to closely following their own sector, keep current with domestic and global social, economic, and political trends and issues.

Applicants must have a Bachelor's degree at a minimum 2:1.

Interested and qualified? Submit your resume and cover letter to

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