Market Overviews

Market overviews are written with seasoned and rookie executives in mind. We design these reports so that an industry insider with 20+ years of experience in the space can walk away with a more holistic view of how the industry is evolving and so that someone not very familiar with the industry (e.g., a private equity investor seeking to make an acquisition in the space, a firm looking to enter the space) can learn from and become empowered by the research.

When developing a market overview, analysts seek to interview a variety of market participants across the value chain. A solid market overview generally requires 20 to 50—and sometimes up to 100—qualitative interviews with stakeholders across the value chain. The qualitative nature of the interview is meant to uncover new issues and information unknown to the analysts prior to each call. Market overview reports strive to answer basic questions and include 20 to 30 Excel charts, data points, and other visuals that support an analyst's conclusions. 

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