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Vendor Evaluations & Selection

Aite Group analysts help financial institutions determine the right technology packages to complement existing firm-wide infrastructure, meet business needs, and comply with the ever-changing regulatory environment.

Sample engagements include:

  • Supporting a broker seeking a sell-side OMS solution

  • Reviewing a global bank's payment processing solution and identifying alternatives

  • Conducting an RFP process in the area of document management systems for a leading U.S. custodian to the RIA marketplace; established a long list of vendors, developed the questionnaire jointly with the client, and conducted all vendor interviews to select a short list of three possible solutions and ultimately choose a vendor

  • Helping a global bank perform a needs assessment, build an RFP, and select a new cash management provider

  • Aiding a hedge fund looking to replace its existing trading infrastructure from the front-office perspective

  • Identifying and evaluating P2P payment vendors for a leading card issuer

  • Assisting a leading payroll card provider in a review of its current processing solution and identification of alternative options

Aite Impact Matrix (AIM), a Comprehensive Vendor Evaluation Framework

The AIM is a comprehensive vendor evaluation process designed to analyze participating vendors and identify market leaders. By incorporating many aspects of a vendor’s essential characteristics for success and growth, including financial and client stability, product features, and customer service, the AIM provides an actionable guide for market participants looking for viable third-party vendor solutions and services.

For more information on our vendor evaluations & selection capabilities, please contact:

Tel: +1.617.338.6050

With deep domain expertise in the financial services industry and financial technology sector, our analysts lead and execute vendor evaluations and selection projects.

Aite Group analysts are uniquely qualified to lead such projects because of their focus on the business, technology, and compliance needs of financial institutions; their constant exposure to existing and emerging technology vendors; their regular practice at performing vendor evaluations for our syndicated research clients; and their access to vendor clients.