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Competitive Intelligence

Aite Group helps financial institutions and vendors conduct detailed competitive intelligence analysis customized to each client's specific requirements.

Sample engagements include:

  • Advising a large U.S.-based bank on competitive trends and opportunities for its trade finance and supply chain finance businesses

  • Helping a valuation vendor analyze the competitive landscape and find potential functionality gaps

  • Assessing a leading payment firm's product offering against its competition through interviews with issuers leveraging its services

  • Advising a large global analytics firm on acquiring country-specific competitors 

  • Assisting an alternative financial services company with assessing its competitors’ transaction mix

  • Benchmarking a leading payment firm offering against that of its direct competition

  • Advising a large U.S.-based service provider on the nuances, options, and pros and cons of obtaining a banking charter for its business strategy

  • Analyzing a global claims BPO's best practices for a large IT services company

  • Assessing a payment company's non-bank competitors for cross-border funds transfer

For more information on our competitive intelligence capabilities, please contact:

Tel: +1.617.338.6050

With deep domain expertise in the financial services industry and financial technology sector, our analysts lead and execute our competitive intelligence projects.

Aite Group analysts are uniquely qualified to assist with such projects because of their attention to business, technology, and regulatory factors; their non-stop coverage of established and emerging industry stakeholders; and their unparalleled executive network.