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The material that you and your team have provided is exceptional. The information will be of value, and a lot of insight was obtained from the research. I couldn't have asked for anything better than what your team provided in such a short time frame.

Leading payment processor

You’ve done a better job of segmenting bank strategies than any other research I’ve seen recently.

Product manager for a top five U.S. bank

We engaged Aite Group on a highly strategic, board-mandated market research project. Aite Group delivered not only high-quality, tailored research but concrete, actionable recommendations that fit with our organization. For once, I really felt like we got our money's worth from a consulting firm.

Leading provider of financial risk management technology solutions

We have really appreciated our relationship with Aite Group, and we are really impressed by your research. In particular, we have been very impressed by the breadth of the profitability analytics report.

Business development executive for a major core processor

The prepaid report you produced was one of the most useful pieces of research I have ever seen. We were able to take it and establish our open-loop prepaid strategy upon it.

Head of research for a major card processor

I am certain I will enjoy the report—I like your stuff—it is always very well done.

Leading technology provider

Outstanding call held today! It was just right level of depth, engagement, new information building on known. We really appreciate you pulling this together and feel this was a great learning session for us!

Head of global market intelligence

I truly appreciate [your analyst]’s time and expertise on this topic. Having a call on this complex subject matter was extremely helpful to me.

Corporate development analyst for a major payment processor

[Your insight] is exactly what I needed! ... I can always rely on you!

Leading core banking vendor

We have been very impressed by Aite Group’s research.

Leading prepaid card marketer

This is the second time in the last month or so that we have used [your analyst]’s expertise and been very pleased with his expertise and knowledge of the industry.

Leading financial technology provider